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Our Services

Training Beyond 2000 has a proven track record in the provision of training and assessment services to the Community Services and Health sector. Training outcomes have been successfully delivered as demonstrated by our high completion rates for all qualifications. We are client focussed and have qualified and accessible staff to provide full support from initial engagement of Training Beyond 2000 to the completion of the training program. 


Training Beyond 2000 has been able to deliver effective training with optimal outcomes due to its model of training delivery, which involves:

  • provision of training schedules that best suit service providers and cause minimal disruption to the workplace;
  • minimum imposition on service providers, educators and managers as all training, assessment and support is provided by Training Beyond 2000;
  • customisation of training programs in consultation with the service provider;
  • recognising an individual’s prior knowledge and experience and tailoring a program accordingly;
  • flexibility in the mode of delivery of training. Whilst our preference is to deliver face to face training in a classroom setting, we have the capacity to take into account individual learning rates and styles; and
  • on the job training and assessment to confirm the participant is able to transfer their learning into the work environment. A third party evidence report is required from the workplace to support the participant’s assessment.