Participant fees will be levied in two circumstances:

  • Full ‘Fee for Service’ participants; or
  • NSW Government subsidised participants.

Applicants in both categories will be advised of all fees prior to enrolling in a course. 

Training Beyond 2000 will determine the payment arrangements for participant fees and the applicants will be made aware of these arrangements prior to enrolment.  

Full ‘Fee for Service’ Participants

Full ‘Fee for Service’ participants, being participants who are not subsidised, will be issued with a tax invoice for an initial pre-payment of $1500.  

As per the requirements for each course offered by Training Beyond 2000, course participants are not required to pre-pay more than $1500 prior to the commencement of the course. 

Once payment has been received, participants will be issued with a tax receipt.  

Upon receipt of the initial $1500, Training Beyond 2000 will provide the participant with training materials for the whole course.  

In cases where course fees exceed $1500, the remainder of the fees will be collected by Training Beyond 2000 from the course participant throughout the duration of the course.  No additional payments in addition to the initial $1500 will be required until the course participants have commenced the course and have completed a proportion of the course equal to the percentage of the course that has already been paid. 

All fees must be paid for by the participant by the time they complete their training. An Academic Transcript or Statement of Attainment will not be issued to a participant if there are any outstanding fees owing to Training Beyond 2000.

NSW Government Subsidised Participants

For NSW Government subsidised participants, Training Beyond 2000 has an arrangement in place with the participant’s employer (aged care provider), for the employer to pay the Smart and Skilled Administration Fee on the participant’s behalf.  

The Administration Fee will be invoiced to the employer 3 months after commencement of the training.  This will provide time for all Credit Transfers and Recognised Prior Learning to be determined and enable the correct Administration Fee to be charged.  

Once payment has been received, the employer will be issued with a tax receipt.  

Consistent with the Fee Protection Mechanisms, at no stage will employers be required to pre-pay more than $1500 for the course.