Refunds Withdrawal With or Without Penalty

If a participant advises Training Beyond 2000 in writing they are withdrawing from their course at least 7 days before the commencement of any in-class workshops and before any course materials have been issued to them they will be eligible to have their course fees refunded to them with no penalty. 

If the participant’s notification of course withdrawal is less than 7 days before course commencement, the amount refunded will be the total fees paid by the participant to date less a processing fee of no more than $200 and the cost of any course materials provided to the participant. 

Should participants withdraw after they have attended training and after they have received course materials, no course fees will be refunded. 

Refunds for Deferring Students

If a participant indicates they wish to defer training in an approved qualification, we will make all reasonable efforts to assist participants defer their training.  

We will only permit a deferral of no more than 12 months from the date of receipt of notice from the participant that they wish to defer their training. Participants who do not recommence their training within 12 months will be recorded as a “discontinuing participant”.  

In the event a participant has deferred but does not recommence their training, the participant will be issued with a Statement of Attainment for competencies completed, if any. 

There will be no fee refund for deferring participants. 

Refunds for Discontinuing Students

If a participant proceeds to discontinue their training, they must advise Training Beyond 2000 Pty Ltd in writing immediately.  The participant will be issued with a Statement of Attainment for completed units of competency within 21 days of notification of the discontinuance.  There will be no fee refund for discontinuing participants. 

A participant who wishes to recommence training after having discontinued their training will be treated as a new applicant and the Notification of Enrolment process must be carried out. 

Refunds in Other Circumstances

Other circumstances where refunds may apply include:

  • Recognition of Prior Learning and/or Credit Transfer; 
  • Withdrawal from training not of own accord; or
  • Participants transferring to another training provider.

Further information regarding our refund policy can be located in the Financial Management Procedure on our website under the Admin/HR tab.